Funeral Insurance

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Funeral Insurance

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Don´t leave your relatives to pay for the sky-high costs of a funeral.

Passing away in Spain

We usually only think about death when we have reached a certain age. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches an old age and sometimes we have to say goodbye to our loved ones at a young age. At that moment one realises that dying in Spain is not quite the same organization as in England or most other foreign countries.

The deceased must be buried or cremated within 2 to 3 days, which is much faster than in other Northern countries. This means that there is much less time to arrange everything, to inform family and friends and then we are not even talking about the language problem and the enormous costs involved in all this.

Contract funeral insurance in Spain

The major benefits of a funeral insurance in Spain are the following:

  1. The insurer covers the funeral costs up to a limit of around 7.350 euros.
  2. The insurer takes care of almost the entire funeral for the relatives, establishes contracts with funeral homes, makes payments and this way takes a lot of work out of hands of the family.
  3. There is an English speaking language helpline for the relatives
  4. Relatives can choose to use the amount of money for a funeral in Spain or have the remains transferred back to the country of origin (repatriation). In this case, there is usually little money left for the funeral expenses themself. This repatriation is expensive and involves a lot of administrative hassle. But also, the insurer will arrange the whole repartiation for the relatives.