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How to comply with the mandatory Law on the Protection of Privacy?

As an independent entrepreneur or a business owner you will inevitably face personal data, mostly
from customers. One collects them in a card index, the other saves them in a digital file. But what
does the Spanish law say about personal data protection in Spain and what should you do as a
professional not to be in violation?
LOPD: La Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos dates from 1999. All employers, including autónomos
are obliged to register with the APD. This agency ensures the compliance of the laws regarding
data protection. They process consumer complaints regarding suspected violations. If the company
concerned does not meet the relevant legislation, they will issue a fine ranging between 600 euros
and 300,000 euros. Large multinationals can pay such fines, but for smaller entrepreneurs this
could mean their demise.
We can help you through the process very easily, so you know precisely which legislation your
business must comply, your company is registered with the APD and therefore you no longer run
the risk of unpleasant penalties. The fee for this usually one-off service varies somewhere between
250 and 600 euros. Request free information without commitment.