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Assistance with the purchase of your residence in Spain

Now that asking prices for homes have fallen so drastically in Spain, it has become more interesting than ever for foreign investors to get a bargain. In Spain, however, quite a few things can go wrong with the purchase of a home, because Spaniards take legal matters rather lightly. To avoid that several people will be owning your residence, that its construction turns out to be ilegal, that the local authority would like to break down your property because you are living too close to the sea, that a high speed train will thunder along your home or other dreadful things that might happen, we recommend you to enlist our home lawyer’s services. She will protect you for any scammers, she will help you during the negotiations, applying for a mortgage, signing of the preliminary and final contract of sale and check with the register if the property is free from debts or owners. She speaks English, Spanish and Finnish.