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Home and contents insurance

This is a very complete and at the same time affordable insurance which insures both your
property in Spain, and its contents and also offers liability coverage for all official residents living at
the insured address in Spain.
Housing coverage
Type 1: For tenants of a property in Spain
In Spain, you are legally liable for certain damage to the property (apartment, house) you rent.
Imaginable damage is: wood or marble floor (because something was dropped on it or because
the washing machine overflowed and now your parquet floor is ruined), worktop in the kitchen,
ceramic cooking plate, door locks and doors, sanitary installations etc. Of course, the owner cannot
hold you liable for old age or lack of maintenance.
By contracting this housing coverage you are also directly covered for any possible damage to third
parties that your residence could cause. For example, a washing machine, which overflows in an
apartment and causes a lot of water damage to the neighbours’ houses.
Type 2: For owners of a property in Spain
This housing coverage protects your first residence or your holiday home against damage to
everything that would stay attached to it if you could hold your property upside down. This
includes the worktop in your kitchen, your swimming pool, the cooker hood etc. The coverage also
comprises glass damage, water damage, fire, smoke, vandalism, lightning, freezing, and more. The
insured value is the reinstatement value and not the market value of your property, because the
building plot cannot get lost.
Liability coverage for all official residents at the insured address, limited by coverage only in Spain
and only for damage to third parties.
When there exists a mortgage on the property, the bank may be designated as the receiving party in
the event that the house is destroyed.
Inventory coverage
In Spain, the policyholder has the responsibility to indicate the correct value of the insured
contents. This value has to reflect the accurate replacement or new acquisition value.
When your alarm system is connected to a central monitoring station, you will receive a discount
on the premium. Do not forget to connect the alarm system when you leave your home.
A distinction is made between the following types of contents:
• General contents like furniture, electronics, clothing, books etc.
• Valuable items such as art, antiques and paintings with an individual value of 3,000 euros or more
• Jewellery (inside or outside a safe) indoors
Within this same insurance you can cover your pet (Statutory Liability). Unfortunately, on a
number of occasions our clients had to lay claim to this liability insurance for their dog, for example
one client from Barcelona. Her utmost sweet dog presumably attacked the postman. This postman claimed a large financial compensation for damages. Luckily, her insurance covered this claim. Normal dogs are automatically covered, only when they are identified as potentially dangerous dogs, they should
be mentioned separately.
• The minimum duration of the policy is a whole policy year, e.g. from 19 February 2012 to 19
February 2013.
The policy is automatically renewed, except in case of a price increase.