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Health Insurance

In Spain, the health insurance paid for by the government (Seguridad Social) is completely
separated from the private insurers.
If you want to be sure you are well insured against medical expenses in Spain, take out a
supplementary Private Health Insurance policy. Advantages of a private medical insurance on top
of the coverage of the Spanish government through the Seguridad Social are:
• Private room with bathroom during hospitalizations
• No or short waiting times to see a specialist or to be operated/treated
• Direct access to specialists; you do not need to be referred by a general practitioner, but you can
directly make an appointment (except a physiotherapist).
• You do not have to be an official resident in Spain or work in Spain as long as you spend most of
your time in the country.
• Free choice of doctors, specialists and hospitals within the Cuadro Médico, which is very complete
and extensive.
• Beware of cheap providers of private insurances! A bad bargain is dear at a farthing and it often
means many things are poorly or simply not covered!
• Private insurers are downright commercial institutions, which reserve the right to reject certain
clients. This happens frequently when a potential client has existing symptoms or a disease. Do not
discontinue your existing insurance before you are accepted in Spain.
• To prevent somebody from taking out a private insurance policy when symptoms already have
arisen, each new client is not entitled to hospitalization, surgery, expensive investigations and
pregnancy for about 6 months. The exception is in case of unforeseen serious medical problems
that clearly could not have been known at a earlier date (e.g. heart attack).
• This period also applies to the coverage of pregnancy and childbirth. If you are already pregnant,
as a new client you cannot make use of the coverage for this child during this period of "carencias".
In that case you can perfectly give birth making use of the Seguridad Social. If you get pregnant
again at a later moment, you are covered as soon as the "carencia" period has expired.
• Existing symptoms, disabilities or potential medical problems will always be completely excluded
in the policy and in severe cases may even be a reason for you not to be accepted as a new client.
• The minimum duration of the policy is a whole policy year, e.g. from 19 January 2012 to 1 January
• The policy is automatically renewed if it is not timely terminated.