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Burial insurance

This insurance covers the high and often unforeseen costs should one of your family members pass
away. With a relatively low annual premium you leave your loved ones without financial troubles at
a time when they are already bearing an emotional burden.
This insurance covers among others the following costs to the full insurable value:
• Coffin
• Cremation or burial
• Regulatory certifications
• Accompanying vehicle
• Funeral wreath
• Burial service
• Gravestone and inscription
Also, any travelling expenses are reimbursed if the policyholder passes away at a distance from
the location indicated in the policy for the burial or cremation in Spain. This may also apply for a
possible companion of the deceased person.
If the insured person did not make use of this policy and the paid premiums after 3 years, the
insurer will return 25 of the net paid premiums to the policyholder.