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Car Insurance

Car import from abroad
When you are in possession of a NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros), you can buy a car in 
Spain. Another option is to import your car from abroad. When you import it into Barcelona or 
surroundings, we can assist you. Our general lawyer can take care of your worries, because there is 
an extensive bureaucratic hassle around this import.
There are four types of coverage:
• All Risk coverage without deductible
• All Risk coverage with deductible
• Liability coverage to cover theft and glass damage
• Liability coverage without theft and glass damage
Breakdown service
All coverages automatically include a European coverage for roadside assistance
• If drivers under 26 would like to drive your car, these persons should be included in the policy. 
Without this addition and increased premium no drivers under 26 years are allowed drive your car
• If you can furnish proof of your earned no claim discount from the Netherlands or another 
country, we can adapt it to Spanish standards
• Spanish insurers will only accept valid European driving licenses
• As a rule, motorcycles only can be insured against liability, because it is too costly for insurers to 
cover the risk of damage or theft
• The minimum duration of the policy is a whole policy year, e.g. from 19 January 2012 to 1 January 
• The policy is automatically renewed