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Office insurance Spain

When you rent an office, it is highly recommendable to properly arrange some important
requirements your company has to meet. What are the things your company has to think about in
Spain? Read our blog post for more information.
In any case, you should properly insure your company against possible damage resulting from fire,
flood, theft or window damage. Furthermore, Legal Liability in case of material or physical injury
within your office and many more things. Also for your office you will receive a discount on the
insurance premium if you install an alarm system, provided it is connected to a central monitoring
All the things you have to think about depend on the type of your activity. Orange Insurances will
be happy to advise you, so you can fully concentrate on your business. We refer you for free to
a reliable, possibly Dutch accountant in Spain if you are in need of one. Do not forget that your
company has to comply with the Spanish Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD). Did you
know that every company must comply with this legislation, even sole proprietorships/autónomos?
The fines can be sky high and you can easily prevent this from happening by screening your
business just once.