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About Us

Orange Insurances was founded in 2003 by Barbara de Swaan, a Barcelona resident since 2000 and a
born entrepreneur and networker, through the whole of Spain. Barbara becomes very well acquainted
with her clients due to her personal and direct communication style. She regularly travels to other parts of
Spain to meet her clients. Meanwhile, Barbara is supported by a team of insurance experts, administrative assistants and interns.
Besides Orange Insurances, Barbara is founder of NEDwork Spain: a platform covering the whole of
Spain for Dutch entrepreneurs in Spain.
Our strength and success are the result of years of experience in assiting Dutch and Belgians who are
about to emigrate to Spain or who have just emigrated. Not only do we speak your own language, we
can also explain exactly where the differences lie between Spain and the Netherlands when it comes to
insurances and pension plans.
Orange Insurances does NOT charge for its services. We receive commissions from the insurer you have chosen to take out your policy, so please do not hesitate to ask all your questions and contact us for more information. You are more than welcome to come and visit us at our office in Barcelona or to contact us via phone.