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Welcome to our website about insurance matters in Spain!

Orange Insurances collaborates since more than thirteen years with the best insurers to assist the English speaking expats in Spain. You have come to the right place for your insurances in Spain:
• We insure clients throughout the whole of Spain
International orientation: most policies are available in Dutch and at our helpdesk we speak Dutch,
English and Spanish and a liitle bit of German.
Service: We will assist you the best way possible in case of damage or when you find yourself obliged
to use your insurance policy. We are there for you: our clients!
Wide range of insurance: We offer the best private health insurance in Spain, a home or a contents
insurance for your property in Spain, including holiday accomodations, and of course a car insurance.
Furthermore, we also help you promptly with an office insurance or coverage for your bar or restaurant in
Spain, burial insurance and even a Spanish pension plan
Online: You are welcome to come and visit us at our office in the centre of Barcelona, but we insure
our clients throughout Spain, quickly and efficiently via email, Skype and telephone